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Here you are now getting to know my virtual office and my virtual receptionist; my scheduler Fullslate.  These two guides will be able to answer pretty much all of your questions and schedule your appointments 24/7. Please take the time to travel through this website. There is a lot of valuable information that can enhance your massage experience before you even walk through the door.

Selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles: Composed of elements drawn from various sources. For more visit my blog



To become free from injury or disease; to return to a sound or whole state; to overcome undesirable conditions; to restore to original integrity. For more visit my blog

One that leads or directs another’s way; something or someone that provides a person information; a person who directs another’s conduct or course of action. For more visit my blog.







Here is an overview of my general services:

Body Centered Coaching; Essential Oil Coaching and Posture and Movement Coaching


Intra oral/TMJ massage; Dry Brush massage; Connective tissue/Fascial rehydration massage; Lymphatic massage












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Find me located within Scholls Crossing Center in beautiful Raleigh Hills, Oregon

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