Colette Your Eclectic Healing Guide

Welcomes you to reconnect to your inner healer.

The office is still temporarily closed due to the current Covid-19 environment.

Your journey starts with your body. A body that has everything it needs inside.

I will guide you to tools to help you be as active as you want to be daily.

Have those daily activities taken a toll on your body?

Have you been told you just have to get used to the pain?

Have you been struggling to find the right thing to help you understand your pain?

Through Journeying with your Eclectic Healing Guide

I (Colette) will meet you where you are, listen to the story of your body and the goals you seek for each session. Together we will select a path to meet your goals and work as a team to reconnect you to your body, educate you about your body and how to change what we do during the session so you can extend your session on your own at home, your office or your work out place.

What will we do during your sessions?

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By booking I can help you improve circulation, hydration, breathing, movement, comfort and connection to your 4 bodies.

With 24/7 online booking my scheduler Fullslate makes scheduling your session easy.

Ready to schedule?

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Why Eclectic Healing Guide and how will she benefit me?

Selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods or styles; that which is composed of elements drawn from various sources. For more to this story visit my Blog.

To become free from injury or disease; to return to a sound or whole state; to overcome undesirable conditions; to restore to original integrity. For more to this story visit my Blog.

One that leads or directs another’s way; something or someone that provides a person information; a person who directs another’s conduct or course of action. For more to this story visit my Blog.

Thank you for taking the first step in your healing journey by booking your appointment.

Welcome to your next step of walking through the door where you will be met by my smiling face.

Meet Colette

 I look forward to meeting you within the relaxing environment of my office where we will create a holistic, educational, restorative, body centered journey for you.

See you soon

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Find me located within Scholls Crossing Center in beautiful Raleigh Hills, Oregon

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